South Carolina Podiatric Medical Association (SCPMA)


This page will list new additions or changes to our Web site.  If you have looked at our site previously, you may want to check here from time-to-time for a quick update. We hope that the information provided will be of service to you in the practice of your profession.

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About The Members Only Access Area

The Members Only Section on this Web site is reserved for SCPMA Members only.  

News for 2014

2013 - 2014 Executive Committee

Bradley A. Lindstrom, D.P.M. President
Hal Hatchett, D.P.M. Vice President 
Keven L. Ray, D.P.M. Treasurer
Misty N. Lee, D.P.M. Secretary                                          
Richard A. Burnell, D.P.M. Immediate Past President
Douglas E. Cunningham, D.P.M. Member-at-Large
James L. Rose, D.P.M. Member-at-Large
Rahn A. Ravenell, D.P.M. Member-at-Large             
Sam Christiano Executive Director
Anthony L. Mathis, D.P.M. APMA Delegate   

The SCPMA approved Bylaws (July 14, 2006) can be found on the Members Only Section under the heading "Special Interest".