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Mission Statement

The mission of the SCPMA is to promote and pursue excellence in all aspects of the art and science of podiatric medicine; to promote appreciation for the excellence on the part of patients, policy makers, other health care professional, third-party payers and the general public; to seek conditions and environments which support optimal practice and patient care; to continually seek and provide additional useful services for its membership; to keep its Members informed about any and all changes in regulations, legislation and other areas that may affect the podiatric medical practice in South Carolina; and to unite with similar podiatric medical associations in other states to form the American Podiatric Medical Association, Inc. (APMA).

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           The SCPMA Mailing Address is:

                  P.O. Box 11096
                  Columbia, SC 29211-1096

                To contact the SCPMA:

                        Voice: (803) 926-7488    Fax: (803) 739-8874


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